How to Find a Reliable Print Broker, and 10 Questions to Ask

  1. Referrals. No print broker worth its salt would deny a potential client access to their customers for referrals. If I contact a new printer and they are unwilling to supply names and phone numbers of clients, I move on.
  2. Check out their website. Is it professional and does it answer the most pertinent questions?
  3. Expertise. Call the print broker and ask questions about their company and the services they provide. Be specific. Tell them what you need to have printed, and ask if they have any cost saving ideas for the project.

We depend on email today, which is always an option; but first place a phone call to determine if this is a good fit – not only for their services but the ease in which communication takes place. Remember, you will be working closely together so being comfortable is important. Printing is highly creative and interesting, and should be an enjoyable experience. A good print broker will place great emphasis on relieving the stress and making the client feel good about the process – enough so that future business is assured.

  1. Ask the print broker how long they have been in business.
  2. Ask how long they have been doing business with their suppliers.
  3. Ask about freight forwarding, and how that is handled, including what kind of costs you can anticipate.
  4. Ask if the broker charges for their quotes, because some do (we do not).
  5. Ask about printing and delivery schedules, and average times.
  6. Tell the print broker what you need specifically and what your printing history has been including average quantity and yearly volume. This will help the broker know if there is a fit.
  7. Ask about minimum quantity requirements.
Kathryn Hack

Kathryn Hack, Print Broker

Ask the print broker to offer a competitive quote so you can compare it with what you have been receiving; taking into account the time factor and what it will save you not just in printing cost, but in savings of time which is also a cost to you.




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