One of the most commonly misunderstood publishing terms is “Self Publishing.” What exactly is self-publishing? Frankly, anyone who publishes is in effect, a publisher. In times past, the only way an author could be “published” was to have one of the well-known publishing houses (including magazine and newspaper publishers) print a particular book […]

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Language of Printing

On August 19, 2013 By

I often talk with people who are new to printing or publishing, and find some confusion over technical terms. This is understandable, because every industry has its own language and printing is no exception. To help clarify, here are a few that arise. I will add to the list in subsequent posts, and […]

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Caring Companies

On June 21, 2013 By

We Work with Caring Companies

All of our printers in China are distinguished as Caring Companies. They have been awarded this distinction, based on a series of 17 criteria within the areas of: Caring for the Community, Caring for their Employees and Caring for the Environment. The title of Caring Company is a coveted one not […]

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