We Work with Caring Companies

All of our printers in China are distinguished as Caring Companies. They have been awarded this distinction, based on a series of 17 criteria within the areas of: Caring for the Community, Caring for their Employees and Caring for the Environment. The title of Caring Company is a coveted one not easily attained, and highly regarded in China.

Caring for the community encourages staff to be involved in the community through volunteering, mentoring, employing the vulnerable, and distributing resources through gifting.

Caring for their employees means the company values people as its most important asset. The company provides resources for mental and physical health, wellness, and a management that listens and responds to employee concerns.  Job safety, work-life balance, family life and recognizing employees for their service through awards are other, important criteria.

Caring for the environment means the company works with local and governmental departments to reduce waste, save energy, improve air quality and minimize negative impacts on the environment. These companies establish production practices to promote a more sustainable life. Criteria involve Eco-friendly manufacturing processes, reduced carbon emissions and Green partnerships.

Tiger Communications is proud to partner with companies that care for their people, their community and the environment.

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