Notecards in Cigar Boxes
from Laurel Ink

There are several ways in which a print broker can save you money. Let’s put Time at the top of the list, because time is money. We know where to go for each job to be done, which saves our clients many hours of searching and the real possibility of two things happening:

  1. They aren’t getting the best price.
  2. They don’t know the printer and could get ripped off.

As with any business, not just printing, it is important to research all suppliers with attention to every detail. A good print broker knows through trial and error, obtaining references and on-site visits what companies are reputable, competitively priced and do good work.

The second way a print broker saves money for clients, is the broker does not cost the printer any money, but rather provides business. As stated in Part One, print brokers establish long term relationships with their printers and receive priority status over time. This means the printer trusts the broker to bring qualified clients, which will save the printer from paying a sales rep for doing the same thing. There are no commissions, so the printer can afford to discount their pricing due to two factors: volume over time and the quality of service the broker brings to the printer.

A third way that a print broker saves money for clients is their flexibility and neutrality as free agents. As brokers and print management professionals, we can work for our customers without worrying about overhead expenses or management restrictions that will inhibit our ability to offer good pricing. We are free agents and can make decisions for our clients based solely on their best interests.

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Kathryn Hack



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