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We’ll supply just about any kind of commercial printing you need, from simple to complex. Printing embellishments you used to think of as luxuries are now affordable, even hand-made items. Lamination, silk screening, foil stamping, embossing and elegant box making will add value to your creative offerings while staying within budget.

The best value by far is full color printing, though we do offer one color printing when it makes economic sense. Some of the custom printed products we manufacture for clients include the following:

  • Case-bound and soft-bound book printing
  • Coffee-table art books
  • Catalog printing
  • Brochure printing
  • Point of purchase displays (with some size limits)
  • Stationary printing
  • Packaged note cards
  • Card and envelope printing, loose or boxed sets
  • Calendar printing
  • Post card printing
  • Laminated book marks
  • Art prints and art cards
  • Packaging printing
  • Folding gift boxes
  • Gift bag printing
  • Gift cards and gift tag printing
  • Journals and planners
  • Hand-made boxes
  • Magnets

and more. The only limit is your imagination!

There are certain criteria to keep in mind when considering what products are a fit for our commercial printing services and your printing program. Two of the most important are total quantity and printing format.


On-demand printing and digital printing are known as short-run printing and the quantity is often less than 500 pieces. This kind of printing is best done by your local printer for two reasons.

  1. The main purpose of on-demand printing is speed. While our clients are thrilled to take the extra few weeks’ time in exchange for reducing the cost of printing, they are better served to print close-by if speed is what they need.
  2. Shipping less than 500 copies from overseas would add to the overall expense. We will explain this in the next paragraph.

There is no strict rule of thumb when deciding what quantity offers the most cost-savings for your printing job. It will vary depending upon the product. Small items like cards and envelopes require larger quantities (longer print runs) because many of these items can be “ganged” together on one press sheet.

The key to these small items is TOTAL quantity. For example, if you have 10 different card designs, you can print 2,000 of each or 20,000 cards and save money. If you only have one card design you will need to print 20,000 of that one card to reap the same cost-benefit. You get the idea.

Book printing, on the other hand, requires many pages (thus more print runs), a cover, binding, and assembly – so the total quantity can be much lower. There are tremendous saving printing books in China! Again, savings depend on the overall size of the book, and whether it is a hard-cover or soft-cover book.

Remember the golden rule in printing: the higher the quantity, the lower the unit cost. If you take the total cost of your printing job and divide by the total quantity, you’ll get the unit cost.

The cost of shipping transport needs to be part of the quantity-unit cost equation. For example, whether you order 30,000 greeting cards or 3,000 books, 50,000 post cards or 15,000 brochures the cost of freight will be spread over those units. The higher the quantity, the lower the unit cost for printing.

So it is important to keep quantity, including shipping in mind when printing in China or any other location.

Tiger Communications provides booklet and catalog printing.


Printing format is another consideration. Large printing format requires a large printing press, up to sixty inches, to print items such as banners and large posters. Our offset printing presses are limited to forty inches, so we are not equipped for large format printing. Please refer to the list of the items we can print at the beginning of this section. Any of these items are a good fit for our equipment and will save you 30% or more in printing costs.

Custom Printing

One of the questions we get from time to time is, “Does Tiger Communications offer a catalog of printed items from which to choose?”

We are a custom commercial printer. Every printing job is to the client’s exact specifications, and of their own design. We do not supply ready-made printed products.


See our Portfolio for great examples and links to our clients.

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