One stop shopping for all commercial printing needs in Seattle

We will work as your one-stop shopping destination, from concept through printing and delivery to your door.  We’ll provide other services such as writing, editing and graphic design if that is what you need.

As your designated agent, we will choose the best printer for each job, define specifications, offer you cost-saving ideas, solve production issues, manage projects day-to-day, and arrange for customs, shipping transport and delivery. If you have a custom printing job with numerous problems to solve, we’ll navigate you through, frequently managing a number of suppliers at one time. Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible, and to resolve any issues along the way.During all phases of production, we’ll work closely with you and your team, explaining exactly what you’ll need to do when submitting files and artwork.

We’ll run preliminary tests and trouble-shoot to be sure any mistakes are caught early-on.

We will keep you informed, sometimes daily, of what is being done and what to anticipate. We are not just printers – we are consultants who will work closely with you to insure the end result is exactly what you envision.

We’ll keep a very close eye on quality and cost-containment. But the most important service we can give you is consistency, and the comfort of knowing we stand behind our product.


Our Process is to:

  • Gather exact specifications from the client, while offering cost-saving ideas.
  • Ask multiple printers for bids and examine each for cost and all project details.
  • Negotiate the lowest prices on behalf of the client.
  • Estimate the cost of customs, freight and delivery.
  • Present pricing to the client and explain every aspect of the proposal in detail.
  • Write purchase orders and manage all suppliers.
  • Work with the client’s agents and designers during all phases of pre-press and print production.
  • Arrange for proofs and samples to be sent to the client.
  • Monitor all print production, packing and shipping schedules.
  • Keep the client informed of their printing jobs, sometimes daily.
  • Offer options, like actual press proofs and advance copies.
  • Get client’s permission for any cost increases, even the most minor ones.
  • Prepare invoices to client and suppliers, and pay suppliers on time.
  • Follow-up upon delivery to be sure it went smoothly.
  • Schedule a post-production review with client following delivery.
  • Stand behind our product one-hundred percent.

 Tiger Communications specializes in overseas shipping of printed materials


Shipping transport and shipping cost are key ingredients in your commercial printing program. This involves a whole series of events, starting with quality-checking of your books, calendars, art prints, post cards, greeting cards, brochures, and other printed items, followed by careful preparation for packing.  We work with our clients to learn their preferences for both receiving and storing their products so our suppliers can prepare them accordingly.

All goods are packed in double-walled cartons and loaded onto pallets.  The cartons are stacked in a way that prevents crushing, which is an art in itself. The pallets are then shrink-wrapped and strapped tightly all around, so no movement will occur to the contents during shipping transport.

The pallets are collected from the factory by our international freight forwarder, and taken to a central warehouse to be combined with other goods (unless you order a full container). Then, the pallets are taken to the port of departure and packed into a 20 or 40 foot container, sealed, and loaded onto a ship for the ocean crossing.

The goods are routed to a port of entry that is most convenient to your destination, and then carried by rail or truck on the final leg of the journey.

Our freight forwarder is expert in clearing each shipment for customs and finding the lowest-cost means of ocean, air and land transport. This involves a thorough understanding of international regulations, cost analysis and scheduling, and is something we handle for our clients.

Hong Kong is a duty-free port, so most printing in China is free of duty. There are costs associated with US Customs clearance, which are about the same regardless of the size of the shipment. Remaining costs are for local transport and warehouse fees, ocean freight, marine insurance and final delivery by truck direct to your door.  We will estimate those costs at the time we quote your printing.

We prepare detailed packing and shipping instructions for our printers and freight forwarder, which include the client’s preferences for how they want the cartons packed and labeled. This way, everyone understands and there is no room for error.

Quite frankly, shipping is a complex process but one that is completely transparent to the client. We manage everything, so all you need to do is wait for the delivery truck to appear with your much-anticipated printing from China!

Call us for a free consultation at (360) 657-3844 or email us for a free quote at