High quality ink is used in commercial printing

In today’s competitive market, greeting card publishers look for cost-effective ways to make their products stand out. A truly “hand made” card or box involves untold hours of cutting and applying anything from fabric to moving parts to gems that sparkle.

Our clients are the most creative people, who constantly challenge us with questions like, “How can we put more style into our products, without paying the high cost of hand made?”

There are solutions, but they involve some re-thinking. What can be done by machine that will give a hand-finished look? Or, where can we find manufacturers that utilize people – for things that can only be done by hand?

First of all, do as much as you can during the printing process. You can actually create the appearance of hand-made layers by utilizing good design. Using a textured paper or having a printer emboss plain paper with a special pattern can lay the groundwork.

Carrying the embossing idea further, it can be an excellent way of elevating a “scene,”   giving your design a 3-D punch.

You can also create an embossed or engraved appearance by applying concentrated layers of spot UV coating. Use a vibrant color; it can create the suggestion of ribbon, or the delicate spots on a pheasant’s plumage.

Applying glitter by silk screening can also add a touch of style. The base application of inks gives the glitter its depth and variety of color.

Finally, have you considered what happens when you simply add a Pantone gold to the four color process? It can give the card or box an antique or thoroughly modern look – but altogether fabulous.

Sometimes we forget that printing itself is an art form! Style needn’t be expensive to be good.






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