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Why use a print broker instead of going direct?

I will address this in a 3-part series entitled, Why Use a Print Broker?

 Part One:         What Is a Print Broker and Print Management Company?

Part Two:        How Can a Print Broker Save You Money?

Part Three:      How to Find a Reliable Print Broker, and Questions to Ask

What is a print broker and print management company? We are all familiar with insurance brokers and the service they provide. In fact, there are brokers who provide many kinds of valuable goods and services, like real estate, mortgages, stocks, financial services, merchandise and specialty advertising; commercial freight forwarding … and the list goes on.

The key point is, the printing broker works for the client, and not the companies who provide the services.

A print broker acts as liaison between the printer and the client, but represents the client at all times. As a print broker, I have several chief duties. First, I must choose the printer that will do the specific job at the highest quality and the lowest cost. This can be determined by equipment; for instance, some printers are uniquely set up to produce books while others greeting cards and brochures and still others packaging or point of purchase displays. No one printer is set up to do everything. What clients don’t know when buying direct is printers that do not have the necessary equipment will source to those who do, adding to the cost. A print broker knows where to find the printers best suited for each job, and has built a relationship with them.

The next key point is, the printing broker is also a project manager. Finding the best printer for the job is only the first step in the process. Next comes negotiating the lowest cost, presenting a detailed quote, and upon acceptance, managing each project through prepress, production and delivery. This is a valuable resource for the client, who is then free to concentrate on his or her core business while the printing broker does all the legwork, while keeping an eagle eye on schedules and quality.

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